Wayne State University

Course Introduction Videos

How can you connect with students who are considering taking your course?


Create a brief video where you describe your course to prospective students.  These videos are uploaded to WSU's Schedule of Classes to give students a better idea about the content, how they're going to learn it, and your expectations as an instructor.  It's an opportunity for you to promote your course and engage with future students.  

To get started:

  • Prepare a script
  • Record your video
  • Upload your video to OneDrive & share the file with OTL@wayne.edu

The Office for Teaching & Learning will load it to an unlisted playlist on YouTube, caption the video, link it to Schedule of Classes, and send you the YouTube link to post in your Canvas site.

To see an example of a Course Introduction Video, please watch the video below. 

For tips and a sample script for recording course overview videos, please click here.