Wayne State University

Warrior Teaching Days

Warrior Teaching Days: September 26 - 30, 2016

Warrior Teaching Days is a campus-wide invitation to Wayne State University instructors to informally sit in on each other’s class sessions to observe how someone else teaches. This week offers a rare occasion to take a quick break from the act of teaching to observe, reflect and talk together about the practice of teaching.

The goal of Warrior Teaching Days is to spark peer-to-peer conversations about teaching, explore interesting topics you might otherwise not have the time to follow up on, and observe different pedagogical approaches to and environments for teaching and learning. Opportunities are available to join colleagues in traditional, hybrid, and online environments.  Sign up for Warrior Teaching Days here.

Additionally, photographer Martin Springbord visited WSU last March and compiled a photo essay showcasing WSU teachers and students in a range of learning activities. The exhibit, sponsored by the OTL in collaboration with University Libraries, will be on display on the main floor of the Undergraduate Library from Monday September 19th to Friday September 30th, 2016.