Wayne State University

Getting Started

1) Help us collect baseline data on current teaching practices at Wayne State:

  • Participate in the survey of STEM faculty
  • Volunteer to have your teaching observed
  • Check for program updates regularly

2) Participate in upcoming events and faculty learning communities:

  • Sign up for events and participate
  • Join a faculty learning community to meet and interact with other faculty teaching similar courses
  • Share your experiences with colleagues on implementing Evidence-Based Teaching Methods (EBTMs) in your classes
  • Spread the word!

3) Contact us with suggestions and questions:

  • Go to Contact Us and send us emails with suggestions and/or questions
  • Propose an event regarding something you wish to learn about EBTMs
  • Invite a representative to speak at your department’s faculty meeting
  • Volunteer to get more involved

4) Get involved with your disciplinary associations’ STEM Education Initiatives

  • Read about pedagogical developments in your field
  • Encourage faculty to attend national workshops for discipline-based pedagogical training (see links on the Web Resources for your discipline).
  • Attend education sessions at National Meetings of your favorite disciplinary society
  • Consider applying for Faculty Teaching Travel Grants