Wayne State University

Our Students

Nearly 27,000 students are enrolled at Wayne State University. WSU is home to students from almost every state and 60 countries. Students from around the world and all walks of life compose the most diverse student body among Michigan’s 15 public universities. The university is a catalyst for academic and personal growth, and its curriculum and research are designed to give students the real-world skills and expertise required to succeed in the modern high-tech, global marketplace.

This information comes from the 2015-16 WSU Fact Book.  A full copy of the 2015-16 Fact Book can be obtained by clicking here. The graphs below depict a profile of the students at Wayne State University. 


Enrollment by Level Bar GraphTotal Enrollment by

Student Headcount & Level


Percent of Students Enrolled Full Time at Each Level

Percent of Students Enrolled Full Time by Level


Enrollment by Race and Ethnicity Table and GraphEnrollment by Race/Ethnicity & Level

County Map of Michigan with Enrollment NumbersEnrollment by County

Circle Graph of Age of Undergraduate StudentsAge Profile of Undergraduate Students

Pie Chart of New Undergraduate Students by Enrollment StatusNew Undergraduate Students by Enrollment Status

Table of Top 5 Feeder Community Colleges for WSUWSU's Top Five Feeder Community Colleges