Scholarship of teaching

Just as professional development is important for our instructors, it is also important to our staff at The Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL). OTL staff members regularly attend local and non-local conferences to learn about the latest trends in educational technology and pedagogy. 


Whitehead TJ, Kacin SE, "Supporting Underrepresented Groups through Student Panel Discussions"; Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education Annual Conference, November 2018, Workshop

Kacin SE, Whitehead TJ,  "How do we Teach Instructors to Teach Online?"; Lilly Conference on Advancing Teaching and Learning, October 2018, Workshop

Whitehead TJ, Kacin SE, "Student Panels help Faculty Support Diverse Students"; The International Consortium for Educational Development Conference, June 2018, Workshop

Kacin SE, Whitehead TJ, "Flipping Faculty Development with the Hybrid and Online Teaching Institute"; The International Consortium for Educational Development Conference, June 2018, Podium


Educause Annual Conference

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is the premier convening of IT professionals and technology providers across the diverse higher education landscape.
OTL attendee: Tonya Whitehead

Lilly Conference - Traverse City

For nearly 40 years, Lilly Conferences on College and University Teaching and Learning have provided opportunities for the presentation of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  Faculty and administrators at various stages in their academic careers come from across the United States, representing nearly every discipline found in higher education. 
OTL attendees: Ligia Pamfilie, Michelle Serreyn

Leadership in Higher Education

The "Leadership in Higher Education Conference" is designed to provide academic leaders, such as deans, department chairs, administrators, and aspiring leaders a platform to embrace new tools to put in place when returning to academia, as well as an opportunity to network with like-minded peers and nationally recognized experts in academic leadership.
OTL attendees: Tonya Whitehead