One Button Studio

Our One Button Studios (OBS) make it easy and fun to record creative and effective videos for your courses. Located in the Purdy-Kresge Library, the studios are equipped with professional video cameras, lighting, and sound as well as green screens, a lightboard, and an interview set to help unleash your creativity. We have simplified the technology for you so you can focus on the content and pedagogy. All you need to get started is a USB drive and an idea we can help you plan your video, show you how to use the OBS and all the neat toys it contains, and provide assistance to get you started with editing and sharing your videos once shooting has wrapped.

Green screen

The green screen is an optional component and selection with our One Button Studio. It allows presenters to change the background to either a picture or video footage. You will not see the green screen appear behind you, but you will see it on the preview. Once you are done recording with the green screen, you will need to take your video and edit it using a software such as iMovie to place a background or image on your video. 


The Lightboard allows an instructor to create video lectures and directly interact with handwritten notes and diagrams while facing the camera. The Lightboard is a pane of glass suspended in a metal frame with embedded LED lights that provide dramatic illumination of hand drawn information. The diagrams and notes seemingly float in the air in front of the instructor. Carefully calibrated preset lighting and camera equipment in the Lightboard studio complete the self-serve video production set-up by providing a mechanism whereby instructors can use the studio to create interesting, high-quality videos.

Interview set

Our interview set allows for an unique opportunity to sit down with another person and have your conversation or interview recorded. 


Our podcasting equipment allows for the creative opportunity to sit down by yourself or with another person to have your conversation recorded. The podcasting equipment captures audio only with our state of the art microphones.

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