Part-time instructors

For new part-time instructors at Wayne State, navigating the University can be intimidating.  Here are some suggestions to help new part-time instructors get started.  Click on the links below to find useful information about many topics related to teaching at Wayne State University. 

Getting started at Wayne State University

If you are teaching in a general purpose classroom, you can search for available technology by building.  You may also call the Library Computing Helpdesk at 313-577-1154 or email them at

For any questions directly related to the Union of Part-Time Faculty (UPTF), we encourage you to check out the UPTF website

Getting started with Canvas
Canvas logo

Please refer to the Canvas Instructor Guide, which includes detailed documentation on every tool in Canvas. You can also access the Canvas guides by clicking "Help" in the global navigation bar in Canvas.

You can now combine (now known as cross-list) your own courses at any time. Please follow these instructions. If you encounter any issues, please contact

We have integrated a plagiarism detection tool called "Unicheck". Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Teaching Documentation Program

The OTL facilitates the Teaching Documentation Program (TDP), a self-paced program helps prepare individuals to teach better now and in the future. It also offers formalized documentation of an individual's teaching development efforts and provides participants a competitive advantage in future career goals. Included are requirements in theory, assessment, discipline-specific related teaching materials, and diversity.