Educational technology

You can use educational technology to enhance instruction, simplify assessment, and connect with students. Every classroom setting can leverage technology including using the whiteboard to illustrate a concept, a PowerPoint presentation to organize your lecture, or using polls to assess student learning in real time. In the online classroom, technology becomes the primary delivery method of instruction through Canvas.

Effective use of technology supports student learning and helps to keep your instruction relevant to students and the workforce. When deciding how to incorporate technology into your classroom, it is important to consider how it will support both your instructional goals and your students' needs. While technology can enhance your instruction, technology that does not match your pedagogical goals can become a distraction. 

The OTL regularly offers workshops related to incorporating technology into the classroom, including the annual Hybrid and Online Teaching Institute open to all WSU instructors.  We collaborate with Computing and Information Technology (C&IT) to provide consultations and workshops that address how to select, implement, and assess instructional technologies.  

Register for OTL workshops by searching OTL Programs in Training, Seminars, Workshops of Academica. Or you can browse the OTL's Upcoming Events and register right from our calendar. 

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  • iClicker


    iClicker logoiClicker is a polling response system that enables instructors and students to interact dynamically in the classroom. It can be integrated into your Gradebook in Canvas.

    Use iClicker to:

    • quickly know how well students understand lesson materials (formative assessment)
    • allow students to anonymously respond to questions asked in class
    • administer quizzes/tests and receive student scores instantly
  • Echo360

    Echo360 logo: blue circle with blue triangle on side, pointing rightWayne State University has migrated its lecture capture system to the Echo360 cloud. This new platform allows instructors to capture teaching materials, speeches and other events using Echo360 recording technology. Recordings can feature audio, video and presentation visuals and may be published directly to a Canvas course for review by students.


    Echo360 Lecture Capture

    Lecture Capture is a tool that allows faculty to audio and/or video record classroom lectures and upload the media files to Blackboard for students to review anytime. When faculty request this tool, C&IT remotely turns on Lecture Capture in the classroom and audio and/or video recordings are set to begin at the scheduled course time. Use Lecture Capture to:

    • allow students to view and take notes on lecture material at their own pace
    • provide additional resources for students such as tutorials for laboratory work or presentations by guest speakers
    • allow students to view missed lectures

    Echo360 Universal Capture

    Universal Capture is a video recording tool that allows faculty to record their classroom lessons and lecture presentations on their personal computers. Use Universal Capture to:

    • build rapport with students by recording a brief introduction of the instructor and the first lesson
    • create mini lectures for students to review ahead of time to prepare for class
    • create weekly lesson summaries or provide feedback to students to help them prepare for future lessons
    • make time for active learning during class by having the lecture available for viewing before the class meetings
  • One Button Studio

    One Button Studio

    One Button StudioOur One Button Studios (OBS) make it easy and fun to record creative and effective videos for your courses. Located in the Purdy-Kresge Library, the studios are equipped with professional video cameras, lighting, and sound as well as green screens, a lightboard, and an interview set to help unleash your creativity. We have simplified the technology for you so you can focus on the content and pedagogy. All you need to get started is a USB drive and an idea – we can help you plan your video, show you how to use the OBS and all the neat toys it contains, and provide assistance to get you started with editing and sharing your videos once shooting has wrapped.

    Reserve the space!

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  • Classroom technology

    General-purpose classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with technology to enhance the learning environment. Although we are striving to implement uniform technology in the classrooms, there are various types of media carts in the classrooms. Please note that VCRs and transparency projectors are no longer standard equipment. Those items are available in limited supply on a first-come, first-served basis and must be requested. You may also request training, equipment or lecture capture recording.

    You can search for available technology by building. 

    For technical support in your classroom, call (313) 577-1154 any time your class is in session or email the help desk at

  • Respondus


    Respondus logoRespondus is a tool that allows faculty to create quizzes/tests. Exams can be stored, modified, printed or published directly to Blackboard. Use Respondus to:

    • create exams with multiple question types (e.g., multiple choice, True or False, essay)
    • create a test question databank, which can be accessed anytime
    • create exams that can be scored automatically

    Respondus LockDown Browser

    LockDown Browser is a tool that works as an aid to Respondus. It prohibits students from opening computer applications and visiting internet sources while taking an exam.  Use LockDown Browser to:LockDown Browser

    • increase integrity during exam administration by preventing access to the internet
    • prevent printing and copy/paste functions during exams
  • Canvas and Unicheck


    Canvas logoCanvas is a learning management system that allows faculty to manage student data (e.g., assignment grades, exam scores), upload, organize, and manage documents and multimedia content such as PowerPoints, videos, audio, and documents. Faculty can also create and manage blogs, discussions, and exams.  Use Canvas to:

    • manage student scores and lesson content
    • allow students to view, download, and/or print lesson materials
    • keep students engaged by allowing them to participate in online discussions and blogs
    • allow students online access to multimedia content directly related to lessons

    We have collected frequently asked and utilized Canvas resources and created a comprehensive Canvas webpage for you. 


    Unicheck is an anti-plagiarism tool that allows faculty to check the integrity of student submitted dUnicheck logoocuments. Use Unicheck to:

    • check students' papers against Web resources, other Unicheck users, and the Unicheck internal database.
    • view an originality report and/or text matching to determine if a student has plagiarized
  • H5P


    H5P is a tool that integrates into Canvas, allowing you to create and embed interactive content in your course, including activities, presentations, graphs, images, and more. H5P content is responsive and mobile friendly, which means that users will experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones and tablets alike. Additionally, H5P provides information on accessibility for their tools, making it easy for you to design an accessible and engaging lesson.

    H5P licenses are limited! Email the OTL today!