The Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) staff provides instructors confidential and formative individual consultations. We are available in person, by phone, or virtually.

Individual consultations

TOTL consultant and faculty member working togetherhe OTL offers a variety of one-on-one confidential, voluntary consultations for full and part-time instructors, graduate teaching assistants, and post-doctoral fellows on topics such as assessment, diversity, evidence-based learning methods, and educational technologies. Our individual consultations are designed to provide opportunities to reflect on and improve teaching and learning practices. For example, we collaborate with instructors on course design, syllabus development, applying evidence-based learning methods, student-centered learning environments, best practices in implementing educational technologies, and assessment and evaluation strategies.

Student feedback to improve teaching

The Mid-semester Assessment Program (MAP) feedback can be invaluable. The MAP is an opportunity for Wayne State University instructors to get timely student feedback regarding their perceptions of what is going well and what could be changed or improved while the course is in progress.  The MAP is voluntary, confidential, and feedback is provided only to the instructor.  Additionally, the OTL provides consultations on using Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) results to improve teaching.    

Educational technologies in teaching

The OTL consultants advise instructors on how to advance their teaching goals using educational technologies in traditional, hybrid, and online environments. The OTL also provides support for universal course design, including accessibility (e.g., using Camtasia for captioning) and student engagement (e.g., using a virtual platform for online group work).  

To schedule a one-on-one consultation, simply fill out this request form or contact us at (313) 577-0001.