Teaching Circles

The OTL hosts several teaching circles to cultivate engagement and collaboration related to teaching and learning.  The teaching circles consist of a small group of faculty (5-12 members), who meet regularly throughout the year to explore teaching and learning issues in a collaborative and meaningful way. They provide an opportunity for faculty/instructors to exchange ideas and learn from each other. They also support instructors in learning about, implementing, and assessing evidence-based teaching methods. Each teaching circle is hosted in a Microsoft Team collaboration space to allow members to ask questions and share ideas between meetings. To join a group click on the title. 

Hyflex Teaching Circle

HyFlex is the combination of "hybrid" and "flexible" and creates a learning experience that integrates face-to-face and online synchronous teaching modalities simultaneously. The HyFlex teaching circle is a place where you can ask questions concerning HyFlex pedagogy and technology and receive answers from colleagues, the OTL, and classroom support. We also have optional monthly meetings where we will discuss the latest HyFlex pedagogy, keep current with HyFlex classroom technology implementations, and address any concerns around HyFlex teaching.

Large Lecture Faculty Teaching Circle

The Large Lecture Faculty Teaching Circle (LLFTC) specifically looks at issues that arise in courses with very high enrollment and the unique challenges that environment presents. 

Less Grading, More Learning Teaching Circle

Do you ever dread grading students' work? Do you feel that grades are meaningless? Do you ever get frustrated when students ask about points, grades, and extra credit? And on the flip side: Do you wish students would just be eager to learn (instead of thinking about grades)? If you are interested in discussing these questions and find out more about alternative assessment methods, join the new teaching circle: Less Grading More Learning led by Drs. Nicole Coleman (CMLLC). 

Representation, Equity, and Justice Teaching Circle

To be Warrior Strong requires us to engage every Warrior from every background. As a premier urban institution, Wayne State University has a diverse student body with unique challenges and opportunities. The goal of this OTL Teaching Circle is to turn WSU's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into concrete actions in our classrooms. Instructors in this Teaching Circle will dedicate three hours a month to engaging with issues of DEI and discussing future best practices with colleagues. Creating equitable classroom environments is an ongoing process that requires conversations and community, and this is the OTL space for those conversations. We welcome instructors at all levels. This Teaching Circle is led by Barbara L. Jones, MA (CLAS), Dr. Timothy Bowman (SIS), and Dr. Brooke Schafar (OTL).  

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Teaching Circle

Are you curious how you might transform your teaching into research? It may be easier than you think! The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) applies the researcher's curiosity to their own classroom through structured inquiry into student learning. An important aspect of SoTL is to publicize any new discoveries to contribute to the discourse around teaching in higher ed. If you are interested in discussing these questions and finding out more about SoTL, bring your questions and ideas to the new Teaching Circle: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning led by Dr. Anabel Stoeckle (Office for Teaching & Learning).