Learning communities

The OTL hosts various learning communities in an effort to cultivate a sense of engagement and collaboration related to teaching and learning.  These communities consist of a small group of faculty (8-12 members), who meet regularly throughout the year to explore teaching and learning issues in a collaborative and meaningful way. To learn more about joining a learning community, contact the OTL at (313) 577-0001 or OTL@wayne.edu.

Large Lecture Learning Community

Faculty Learning Communities provide an opportunity for faculty/instructors to exchange ideas and learn from each other. They also act to support instructors in learning about, implementing, and assessing Evidence Based Teaching Methods in the context of specific courses. The Large Lecture Faculty Learning Community (LLFLC) specifically looks at issues that arise in courses with very high enrollment and the unique challenges that environment presents. To join the conversation self-enroll in the LLFLC Canvas Course

Service-Learning Learning Community

Are you teaching a service-learning or community engaged course?  Join a community of like-minded colleagues to share and learn about designing and facilitating service-learning experiences at Wayne State University.  The Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) invites you to participate in the Service-Learning Learning Community (SLLC). The SLLC will discuss topics related to service-learning course design, best practices for service-learning and community engaged teaching, and the unique challenges that arise in service-learning courses.

Teaching Online Learning Community

The OTL has heard many faculty requests for spaces to continue cross-campus and cross-program collaboration. This is especially important in our current, mostly remote teaching environment. Hearing your requests, the Office for Teaching and Learning is now offering a series of Online Teaching Faculty Learning Communities (OTFLCs). The OTFLCs will offer sustained and collaborative dialogue on a variety of topics.

The groups are hosted in Microsoft Teams. Self-enroll in any of the OTFLCs that seem relevant to you and your teaching: