Peer review of teaching

At Wayne State University (WSU), peer review of teaching is a formative faculty development process in which one faculty member calls on a faculty peer to observe his/her teaching and provide feedback. At WSU, faculty use peer review as a collaborative process towards the goal of student success. Additionally, the peer review processes are meant to complement other faculty development programs. 

A peer review of teaching process typically has four phases: 

1. Initial review of course materials by the faculty peer reviewer 

2. Pre-observation consultation between instructor and faculty member 

3. Observation of teaching by faculty member 

4. Post-observation consultation and feedback between peer reviewer and instructor. 

The Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) at Wayne State has compiled resources for departments working to establish a peer review of teaching program, suggestions for departmental committees, general protocols for conducting a review, and useful tips from similar programs nationally.  Departments are encouraged to modify the materials to fit their needs.  As your department develops your materials, we welcome the opportunity to showcase that work on this site.      


General Protocol for a Departmental Peer Review Procedure 

Classroom Observation Report Template 

Annotated Bibliography 

Resources for Observers

Suggestions - overview

Class Observation Form

Classroom Observation Guide 

Peer Review Material Check

Peer Review Rating Form

Classroom Observation Report Template  

Resources for Reviewees

Reflective Narrative of Peer Review

General Overview Examples from Selected Institutions 

Boston College 

Harvard Medical School 

North Carolina State University